Ewe wouldn’t believe the day i have had!  Rubbish start, as in pain, I hurt my back yesterday, so no sleep woke up at stupid O’clock then decided I was hungry, I couldn’t do a Sunday roast (the ewes and lambs are getting very friendly now, so no they are not on the menu!!) I went all out with making a meal, sea food platter, all fresh this morning, (Crab, fish, cockles, muscles, winkles & whelks, plus rice and bread) it tasted incredible! (Took half the day to make, but hey ho what else is there to do while stranded on an island!!)

Now to those cheeky incredible four legged friends of mine (not the sheep!) They are simply brilliant each day they offer more and more, working both as a team an individually. Echo made a huge change today, maybe he didn’t want to be left out of the club but quite astonishingly I was just playing with him when I knew the time was right for me to hop aboard!!! Wooohooo he didn’t mind at all I did it several times from both sides, he just nodded off!

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