Funny kind of day today, it’s wet and windy here on the island, my menu is a little strange, I managed to catch a fish and an eel! (I circled the picture so you don’t need a magnifying glass to spot him. 🙂  fishing definitely ain’t my thing…(still) I even tried it for hours without any joy! Ponies having a duvet day (thanks to their lovely matching Rambos from Horseware.) Super pleased that Evenos and Echo happily excepted their rugs on their backs and seemed to get in to the grove of Team life just chilling or being very nosey!


  1. Great photos Em. So pleased you are on the island at last and all’s going well! Hope you’re not going to be relying on your fishing too much! You’ll be as skinny as a rake at the end of the month if so!!! Xx


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