Wow what a day, I would love to say something dramatic like, I was suffering, lonely and hating it, but we are all super super happy, (especially now I have had a bath!! Aaaaaah)

The ponies blew me away today with there brilliance Nahla and Atlantis especially make this challenge seem possible, I am hugely proud of them. Working in complete freedom is amazing. Evenos and Echo are happy and now part of the in gang.

I decided I would have a go at making bread on a gas camp stove, OMG it worked a treat, I hadn’t ever tried before but I made a bread oven with pebbles! Just sitting here eating the most yummie prawn and cockle sandwich with the ponies around my tent (not in it pleaseeee guys)!

Hope you guys are all well thanks a million for all the likes shares, lovely comments. Lots of love Em and the Liberty team of 6!! Whoooooooo


  1. Wow! This is surely the stuff that dreams are made of 😃 It must be wonderful to be able to really focus on yourself & your horses without the usual trappings of everyday life. Would love to hear more about the training process of the newest members of the herd.


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