Wow, just Wow, We made it! The Connemara team are ridiculously cool! I love them so much. They are all happily grazing and then snoozing in the sunshine. The island is totally stunning. Feeling bit emotional, (I am a girl after all!!) can’t believe we are now here after nearly a year of planning!

11393151_1458358527795457_8130605618622521462_n  11426178_1458358604462116_4286241157704244166_n

11407025_1458358771128766_119917426490862883_n 10603799_1458358871128756_1852243614887215915_n

One comment

  1. Emma, I have been to Connemara, it is the most beautiful place, and the people and ponies are fantastic. I hope you enjoy yourself and succeed in every way possible. Ps love the article in POMY magazine 🙂 have fun and keep us all updated! Good luck!! ❤ xx


  2. Ooooh very excited and hopeful for you, Emma! My connie x and I wish you all the best and will follow your adventure with much interest!!


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