Island here we come! I have had a week now based in Clifden unable to get to the island to start my adventure because of the bad weather and high seas. Although at the beginning I thought this was a bad thing, as we usually find out everything happens for a reason, usually the right reason in the end! The Connemara team and I have had the best week, training, relaxing and loving being in Connemara. Today I had my last Island Prep session, I am not exactly sure what kind of prep you need to take on this kind of challenge (probably should have gone out for more fishing practise really as there is room for improvement on that score!) Anyway the ponies are super happy, chilled, clever, totally perfect and ready to catch our boat!

1279053_1458150541149589_7915516973292547536_o 1453303_1458150854482891_5863358758250393466_n 10543579_1458150611149582_8898805448019980130_o 11312958_1458150234482953_8409525145026333675_o 11334233_1458150751149568_29403115169313172_o 11334296_1458150814482895_2516029265535812472_o 11357166_1458150197816290_7524423700961348850_o 11357169_1458150634482913_2328296372547754636_o 11392923_1458150527816257_8719512008811889195_o 11401143_1458150441149599_1194666607052871387_n 11406434_1458150567816253_1746891831780235636_o 11425252_1458150381149605_683615570749103982_n 11426731_1458150514482925_4348427993973858852_o

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